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Now your probably expecting to read a load of garbage here about my qualifications, how I believe I can change the world with squats and salads...

Really all you need to know is that I am just a normal guy that has spent his life learning, developing and understanding the craft of Strength and Physique development. I don't claim to know EVERYTHING, but what I do know I help others to understand and implement to get results. 

I believe in understanding the science and applying what we can to a LIFESTYLE. Life is here to be enjoyed and if you are the right fit for us at Physique Coaching then we can help you get into the shape you want whilst still enjoying it. 


P.S. I've been right to the bottom, I've been overweight, hell I was even wheelchair bound when I was younger. Anything really is possible.


Physique Coach

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    Personal Trainer
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    Shredded Hobbit

My goal here is world domination, ok i blurt out rubbish when I'm nervous, let me try again..

My goal here is to help you to achieve in the health and fitness world. 

I've worked as a personal trainer now for over 4 years and have a very high success rate with clients to show for it. Through wanting to help more people and work with more athletes and general population, I've decided to shift my skills online, which so far so good. 

My main points off interest are strength training and nutrition but on the whole i enjoy helping with all aspects of fitness through an innate sense of wanting to learn as much as possible in life. Anyway to avoid this turning into a plenty of fish account with me trying to impress by telling you i want to take orphaned children skydiving, lets get down to business of helping you get silly lean and squat small houses.